The initial appointment is 1.5 hours, where we will conduct an assessment of your requirements followed by the consultation. Sometimes one or two sessions are enough to achieve the required results but we understand that you are an individual and respect the speed of your progress. Each session thereafter is in 1 hour blocks.

Unlike traditional counselling sessions, these sessions can be completely content free, you will not be asked to divulge the details or relive the negative experiences over and over. Instead, we focus on how these behaviors manifest and tackle the root of the issue.

Read the Who We Are section to find out more about my accreditations. If you just want to know more, please call us now (65) 9423 9443 to better understand how we can work with you.

Please fill in the initial consultation form to ensure we make the most of the session.
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For Health Professionals

Help with

• Anxiety and Stress
• Reduce/Clear Smoking
• Weight management
• Clearing Phobias and Fears
• Sports Performance
• Pain Relief
• TMJD and Bruxism
• Clear negative self talk
• Create and achieve your goals
• Motivation
• Mindfulness and Awareness
• Build better relationships
• Stress and Anxiety
• Migraines
• Be a confident public speaker
• Educational Performance
• Self Sabotage
• Goal Setting

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