Group Sessions and Workshops.

The following are several of our group sessions and workshops that we regularly deliver to our personal and business clients. They can be delivered at our offices or onsite are your premises.



Taking charge of your emotional response

There is always a place for emotions such as anger and sadness, yet these may not be the best response in many situations. The aim of this session is to provide you with the flexibility to respond appropriately in any given situation.

If you are like me, you might reflect on situations and wish you handled them differently. In this session we will discuss how emotions can become flexible and manageable.

I will share some practical techniques that you can put into practice immediately to help you expand your range of emotional responses. When the situation arises, would you like be able to move easily and naturally from a negative emotional state such as anger or sadness, into a more positive state such as calmness or happiness?



Hypnosis as a natural alternative

Did you know that Hypnosis is effective for relieving pain, managing anxiety and fears (e.g.. a visit to the dentist) and discomfort related to chronic pain? Many studies have provided conclusive evidence that hypnosis can be used to deal with pain in a variety of scenarios including hypno-birthing, dental hypnosis and relief for chronic illness and cancer sufferers.

I will share a real life experience where self-hypnosis was used during a 90 minute dental operation here in Miami, with no drugs or anesthesia.

By demonstrating the process of self-hypnosis for pain management we will discuss the many benefits and applications for holistic health and the options this provides individuals who are looking for natural alternatives to chemical pain suppressants


LOOK WHO IS TALKING – Clearing Negative self-talk

Live in the now and use mindfulness to re-focus your thoughts

It is estimated that over 80% of thoughts that whirl inside people’s minds is considered noise. In essence, the majority of your internal conversation is either redundant or not positively serving your life.

In this session we will begin to explore and challenge this negative self-talk to provide you with different choices. You will learn a couple of very useful techniques that will help you utilize and modify this negative communication.



Give your mind a holiday

Do you struggle to quiet your mind? Do you have mental stresses weighing you down? Are you really

active and don’t know how to relax? A short mental break can rejuvenate you and help you think more clearly.

Take some time out of your busy day to recharge your body and mind. You will be gently guided through a variety of relaxation techniques including visualization, breathing and mindfulness meditation to enter a deep and tranquil state. Release tension and stress that has built up over time and calm your inner self to clear your mind. Learn how to re-enter this state of relaxation at any time for yourself.

Join us for this relaxation session where you will learn techniques to help you quiet your mind and leave refreshed and revitalized.



The real truth and how it can help you

In this session we cover the topic of hypnosis, explaining the origins of the practice but focusing on Clinical and Medical approaches and current applications.

You will discover what hypnosis actually is and what is not. We will discuss the scientific and practical basis of this practice and debunk perceptions. Find out how Clinical/Medical hypnosis can be used to help you change behaviors, break habits or manage pain.

If you have ever been interested in learning a bit more on this amazing topic come by and listen to this informational session.



How you interpret and code time and how it influences your perceptions

How many times have you said “with hindsight I would have done that differently?” Wouldn’t it be great if you could use the power of hindsight and foresight before you tackled a challenging situation so that you can react more effectively and resourcefully?

In this session we will explore the concept of time and how you code your experience of your future, present and past. Just this exercise will allow you to notice why your past gets in your way, why your future is not clear.

We will expand this to explore the ability of your mind to use disassociation and association to create a great cocktail of insights. A fun and revealing session on the fluidity of time.


To learn more please contact us on or call us on (65) 9423 9443 to discuss further. We look forward to hearing from you.

For Health Professionals

Help with

• Anxiety and Stress
• Reduce/Clear Smoking
• Weight management
• Clearing Phobias and Fears
• Sports Performance
• Pain Relief
• TMJD and Bruxism
• Clear negative self talk
• Create and achieve your goals
• Motivation
• Mindfulness and Awareness
• Build better relationships
• Stress and Anxiety
• Migraines
• Be a confident public speaker
• Educational Performance
• Self Sabotage
• Goal Setting

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